Recruiting Trainees

Recruiting Trainees

How we create a skilled construction workforce for the future remains a conundrum, but it is incumbent upon the industry as a whole to make it happen. Regrettably, if people leave, they rarely return, and because buildings are now so complex and require specialised technical skills, those who opt to get back into construction are expected to retrain.

The RICS is playing a key role in helping to change the industry’s image to help attract high calibre talent and avoid losing bright young people to other industries. However, the fact remains that the A Level entry requirements for apprenticeships are much higher for a leading engineering business such as Jaguar Land Rover or Siemens, than for one of the country’s top contracting firms, and construction is not as well paid as mechanical/electrical engineering, IT or finance.

Several members of our senior management team began their career with Wakemans and every year we endeavour to recruit a couple of trainees – ideally A-level students who have completed their studies.

Our approach is to employ these young people whilst funding their BSc Honours degree in Quantity Surveying, which they take on a part-time basis, one day a week, at City of Birmingham University. During this five-year course our trainees benefit by gaining valuable work experience whilst earning a salary and when they graduate there is no student loan to repay.

Generally, qualified trainees stay on in a full-time role, working towards their RICS APC, and continue to build their career with us. For anyone who excels at mathematics we advocate quantity surveying as a challenging but most fulfilling career.

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